Goal Setting
The DAO will run a quarterly Goal setting process. This process will be an open forum with time set aside for feedback from all members of the DAO. Each Sub-Org will have one representative serve as the main voice from their org, and cast votes on behalf of their sub-org. Voting is not mandatory, and will only be used in the case of an unresolvable disputes.

Goal Setting Meeting

The Governance Sub-Org will be in charge of planning the Quarterly Goal setting meeting. The representative from this Sub-Org will be in charge of the pace and flow. This process is meant to be run as efficiently as possible and take at maximum 1 business day.

Goal Setting Process

The Goal setting process will be produce the following outputs:
  • 1 Year Goal: Review and update the 1 Year Goal of the DAO.
  • Define a high level Quarterly Goal that is lofty, but realistically achievable in the next 3 months.
  • List 3-5 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with measurable targets.
Each Sub-Org will also be encouraged to have their own set of goals (reassessed quarterly) that align with the DAOs objectives.
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