CryptoDFS by aiSports

Initial Sub-Orgs

The aiSports DAO will launch with the following Sub-Orgs


responsible for product definition, design, research and user testing. Working directly with the rest of the sub-orgs, it will be the responsibility of the product team to define and direct product development.


Create, deploy, test and maintain the products as defined by the Product team.


Monitor and improve the community forum (Discord), onboard new members, visibility & transparent path to leadership, update roles of community members.


Manage the overall aiSports multisig wallet. Make sure that each Sub-Org receives funding agreed upon during Quarterly planning. Manage token rewards and overall supply.

Business Development & Marketing

Get more people using the aiSports platform and new members joining the Discord. Manage growth, branding, social media, external communications, DAO to DAO partnerships and deals with existing creators.


Maintain and upgrade DAO structure and tooling. Coordinate quarterly planning and voting when necessary.