Mint Team as an NFT
Since we are minting the team as an NFT, we will need to use your Crypto wallet (aka MetaMask).
Follow these steps to create your team NFT:

1. Get $ONE testnet tokens

You will need to get a few $ONE tokens to mint the team. We are currently on the Harmony testnet tokens so they are essentially free. You can get them at the link here or tweet us your public wallet address. If you hover over your account name on MetaMask it will allow you to copy your address.
Make sure your Wallet is connected to the Harmony Testnet Network! You can find the network at the very top of the MetaMask extension. If it isn't on Harmony Testnet, it very likely will say "Etherium Mainnet". As long as youJust click on the drop down to change it.

2. Connect Wallet to MetaMask

When you click the "Connect Wallet To Mint" button, MetaMask will pop up and ask you to connect your wallet to aiSports.

3. Approve MetaMask Connection to aiSports

4. Mint your team!

Once you connect your MetaMask, the button on your DFS Team NFT will change to "Mint Team". Click this button to approve the transaction on your metamask. It should look like the image below.
Currently, the cost to Mint a team is 1 testnet $ONE token.

5. Go to the Enter Contest Screen

Once you approve, it will take a few seconds to mint your team on the Harmony blockchain. After the mint is confirmed, the button on your DFS Team NFT will change to "Enter Contest".
Click this new button to enter into today's contest!
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