Enter the Contest
The last step in the process is staking your NFT in today's contest! It's also a really simple process, just follow the steps below:

1. Click the Enter Contest Button

Under the "Open Contests" section, you will find the "ENTER CONTEST" button. Use this to stake your team.

2. Click "Enter this NFT" button

The "Enter this NFT" button will show up under all eligible NFTs. Once you click that, you will need to approve the transaction in MetaMask and pay a very small amount of testnet $ONE. Click confirm, and your NFT will show "Pending Staking" until it is confirmed (usually takes just a few seconds).

3. Your done!

Once your token is staked it will look like the picture below. Now all you need to do is check the results page tomorrow to see the contest results! If you won, the $ONE tokens will be automatically deposited into your account.
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