Sub-Org Processes

Multi-Sig Wallet

Each sub-org has its own multi-sig wallet that is controlled by the members. Ideally, the Sub-Org will have at most 7 members, and require 4/7 signers to release funds from the Multi-Sig wallet. In order to grow, the sub-org can have other sub-orgs as members to allow growth without reducing decision speed.

Sub-org Functions

Add and Remove members

New Members are inducted by a majority vote of the Sub-Org. Each new member should have a minimum “reputation score” that can be earned by completing tasks for the DAO. Similarly, members can be removed by a majority vote.

Create Quarterly Goals and Objectives

Goals will be decided upon by Sub-Org members, in alignment with the larger DAO. Voting is not necessary to solidify goals, unless there is an unresolvable dispute.

Use Budget To:

  • Create bounties to incentivize new members.
  • Pay current members monthly for contributions.
  • Spend will be based on Quarterly Sub-Org budgets which will be approved during the DAO wide goal planning meetings.