CryptoDFS by aiSports


These principals will be a key reference point for Goal setting and decision making within the DAO.


Codebase & Knowledge in the DAO is open source; Core contributors and casual users alike can jump in and understand the current state of the DAO. Any member can introduce a compelling new idea and mobilize people to work on that idea.

Easy to Contribute

Onboarding and working on new ideas are seamless and open. Sub-orgs will utilize bounties to encourage new contributor participation. All participants understand there is a clear path for leaders to emerge.
Decision making takes place throughout all parts of the organization. No one power has ultimate authority. Individuals as members of Sub-Orgs will vote on their trajectory and most important goals. Major DAO decisions and elections will be brought to vote with all members.


The DAO’s decision making process will involve people interacting with each other around a protocol with encoded rules. This system will automate the decision logistics of the organization. While the process is automated, it will be the people of the DAO collaborating and voting on the best path forward.

Internal Capital

Launch and maintain valuable aiSports tokens for economic incentives to encourage participation.

Open Governance

Participating and contributing in a DAO is open and not limited to a select group of people. Anyone has the ability to submit a proposal for a vote in the appropriate Sub-Org. Participation is rewarded and keeps the system running according to its vision and rules.


The values, goals and processes within the DAO are flexible. The ecosystem is constantly evolving and the only way to maintain a competitive edge is to adapt. The Community Sub-Org will be directly involved with maintaining and updating DAO processes but anyone can bring a Governance change up to vote.

Goal Oriented

Goal Oriented - Each “Sub-Org” will elect a representative to help in the goal setting process of the entire DAO. This will be an open process and inputs from the members of the DAO will be encouraged. Ultimately, the representatives of the sub-orgs will have the final vote to solidify the quarterly goals. Each Sub-Org will also be encouraged to have their own set of goals (reassessed quarterly) that align with the DAOs objectives.