Governance Tokens
aiSports will release Governance tokens with influence weight earned proportional to the value they contribute to the aiSports DAO. Tokens earned more than 18 months after the present day will start to “decay” in Governance value. This will ensure that the people who are now adding the most value to the DAO will have the most influence.
Technical implementation of the tokens will be up to the Governance Sub-Org, there are a few options:
  • Every member will have an NFT that lists their current voting weight. The DAO will need to have a contract to monitor and update current voting weight based on value provided the DAO over time.
  • aiSports tokens will double as Governance tokens. The DAO will need a contract to monitor when the tokens were earned, and make sure that they were not just bought off the open market.

Governance Token Use Cases

  • Vote on DAO wide issues, such as adding another “Sub-Org” or elections for specific positions within the DAO.
  • Meet the minimum requirements to be added as a member of a “Sub-Org”
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